“I have been a completely satisfied client of Terradyne Lawn service for more than ten years.  When I had problem with my lawn turning brown in spots, Dave came and showed me the problem: grub worms. They had infiltrated my yard and after he treated my yard, they were gone. I can boast that my yard is the greenest and most healthy yard in our cul-de-sac. I live in Altoona and would welcome you to come take a look!

Dave is a hands-on kind of business owner. He offers friendly advice and his suggestions have been accurate.  I’ve recommended Terradyne lawn service to many of my friends who also rave about his yard performance. Give Dave Walderbach a try and you will be completely satisfied!”

Rev. Timothy B.


“I have been using Terradyne Lawn service for the past 3 years. My lawn has improved greatly since I switched to them. The staff has been so helpful with questions I have had. I have recommended them to many of my friends and neighbors. One of my favorite things is no phone calls. They don’t try to sell you everything under the sun. They have been very upfront and honest with me. They leave me recommendations on what else my lawn could use to bennefit my lawns health. Also I have called and asked a question if my lawn could use this and they have told me no that it is not needed for my lawn. That is why I recommend them.”

Robert T.


“Dave’s lawn care business is simply awesome. After two applications I could see the lawn already looked better. He also treated a severe problem I had with moles, and now I am “mole free”. Dave guarantees his work and will do his best to satisfy you. I trust him to take care of my lawn no matter what I need and he has done a superior job. Everyone should have Terradyne Lawn Service for their lawn care.”

Lynn G. (a very happy customer).