Optimized Pro Lawn Care Program

BeeSafe Organic Lawn CareMaking better use of what nature can provide to your lawn. Get the lawn you’ve always wanted and feel good about your health and what you are doing for the environment.

We start with a very “user friendly” experience and then follow it up with a completely result driven program to ensure that three key things happen with the optimized experience.

  • Your lawn looks awesome. It is green, thick and healthy and the weeds are controlled.
  • It is not a major production for you. We know the reason you hire a service goes beyond just the program. You don’t want to be hassled and you want your provider to follow through.
  • We reduce the amount of chemicals by as much as 90%.

The Optimized Pro plan is a 6 to 7 step application process that delivers what your lawn needs to ensure it is as healthy as possible. Each application includes a natural fertilizer that simultaneously feeds turf & enhances soil biology. The optimized fertilizers are designed to promote deep root growth and deep green color. We also utilize pre and post weed control products to control weeds. Controlling weeds and crabgrass in a high priority with the optimized program.